A Jedi Comes to the Rescue

Ok, a little Jedi.

I took this photo from the second floor.

Getting more painting done, and we’ve started work in earnest on the outside of the house now that I’ve hired the right crew (with Jedi).

To correct the age-inflicted troubles with the porch, we'll have to excavate under the posts and re-set them correctly. It has to be "tore up" to be put right. This is the same concept put into use at overpacked conventions--you have to ride the elevator up in order to go down.

Demolition! This little deck was for the pool that we took out a few years back. We've acquired a nice picnic table to put back there behind the fence.

Gawd. This is going to take a hundred coats. No, I didn't pick this color. This was the previous owners' choice.


Just so's you know what a big job it is going to be to take care of the back of the house. UP! Small repairs to the slats, evacuating the birds, washing and staining. It won't be any trouble though, with that little Jedi to help out.




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