Quilting with Picard

Are they ever going to hook up?

This week I was able to finish the batting, backing and quilting on a quilt top that my mother’s mother had put together…however many years ago. It is neat to see the old fabrics. I used a cotton batting, and quilted with a cotton rug thread and a crazy U-shaped upholstery needle. For the trim I stripped an old top sheet into eighths. I tried using the fancy sewing machine to embroider the names of the Hugo nominees that Duncan’s reading this year, but that was an abysmal failure. I like my own embroidery much better. The whole process gave me a great idea.
I am crocheting and knitting less and less, partly because my wrists have had enough of that, and partly because it is boring. Why spend so much time making someone else’s pattern? Jonah’s post (here) on being halfway-awesome spoke to me, and I’ve decided to not waste any more of my own time trying to duplicate what someone else has already done. Another issue I’ve been trying to find a solution for is What to do with the embroidery when I’ve finished it? A lot of embroidery is too delicate to be utilitarian, and if it is framed, it rarely gets on the wall or even looked at. An embroidered quilt is a fantastic solution, and I have so many ideas in my poor brains that I’ve had to start writing them down.
However, I still can’t draw. That’s not a problem that is going to go away, and my solution right now is www.urbanthreads.com.

press the image into the fabric with a cool tool called Carbon Paper



And there you are, a pattern ready to embroider!

2 thoughts on “Quilting with Picard

  1. that is very cool. Especially since you won’t be stuck with the humgrum embroidery patterns from Walfart. I am sure Picard wants him a beth-embroidered exercise T.

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