I fought the library and the library won.

I am picking up the pieces of my shattered dreams, demolished by the Librarian of Doom. I have been cast once again, savagely, into the land of indecision, my once-clear path blocked and confused by towers of the TBR pile.

As you can tell from the flurry of New Words last week, I have been reading Embassytown by China Mieville.

It’s been a rewarding, character-building struggle for me, with wondrous rewards. This book is definitely an intimidating challenge for me. The college-decimated reading skills compounded with the “multitask” virus I contracted at my corporate hell job makes it difficult at best to read a complex novel. In short, I have trouble concentrating when I read.

Regardless, I didn’t want to miss out on Yet Another Mieville and set myself the goal of reading it. Sitting quietly, no distractions, timer set for 30 minutes, all that. I got through the first third, which was the lovely tour of Mieville’s unique voice and introduction to the world building in the novel. In the next third, I became much engaged with the characters, found Hook #1, and was just about to turn the page for the Buildup of the Resolution for the Climax Yet to Come.

We had things to do in the next town over, and Duncan and  I stopped at the library on the way out of town so that I could pick up a book on hold for me and renew Embassytown so’s Duncan can read it when I finish BEFORE MONDAY!!  “Yeah! I’m so going to accomplish this! Go Me!”

That was yesterday morning. My life is now a shambles. My reading self-confidence is now shattered and my goals, towards which I was so slowly and diligently building, are now scattered to the winds.

I handed Embassytown over to the Librarian of Doom and as she scanned it I asked for a renewal. “I can’t do that, there’s a hold request.”

“Ok, whatever, let me have it back so that I can finish it and I’ll return it on Monday.”

“No, I’ve checked it in already”


We fought, me and that librarian lady. A simple tug of war over the counter escalated into a full-on cat fight. Name calling, hair pulling. teeth biting. She was like a mother bear protecting that cub of Book on Hold. It was fierce.

I lost, walking away in shame, empty handed except for the book that was placed on hold for me. I guess I’d best get to it. I’d hate for another librarian fight to ensue for the sake of my hold request.

5 thoughts on “I fought the library and the library won.

  1. There are advantages to being half a world away … while the world (insert the North American continent …. because that is all that really matters) sleeps … family has more fun plotting and planning.

    Embassytown was the third part of a Mieville trilogy in early August. It was interesting to see the parallels in his writing style from book to book. Also finding a book that requires a dictionary (a really good dictionary) is a thing to treasure.

    • Who’s sleeping? I have to finish this novel now that it has magically appeared in my Kindle library! (hugs!)

      This is a first in a trilogy, or third? What other titles am I looking for? Did you read Kracken?

  2. Actually the progression was “City and the City,” “Kracken,” and “Embassytown.” I had read the first two in the normal fashion (over a course of a couple weeks due to work) and I wanted to give them a fresh read when I wasn’t scrambling to remember plot or characters.

    You can let DarkCargoPants know that I am finally reading Evolutionary Void. It provides a nice change of pace to the FOIA redactions that I am doing. I don’t know if I will finish before the new Stephenson comes out, but that will be next in the queue.

    I may have to disagree with you … I think the iBook format is much easier to use than Kindle, and the Baen books load wonderfully. Amazon is still the superior collection, but Apple certainly put a lot of work into the User Interface. I also find that the iTunes interface is a MUCH better management scheme with limited wireless internet connectivity.

    Enjoy the Con … can’t wait for the pictures.

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