(Eliz) Campbell Award Winner!

I know I am right, and in a fit of momentary weakness, I am going to share something with you that will change your reading lives for the better, forever. Prepare yourselves and be grateful.

Saladin Ahmed is going to be a Grandmaster of Fantasy. Serious!

I grew up reading SF/F with my dad. I have been reading Fantasy for my entire reading life. So much of it is dominated by the mythos of Western Europe, and I have read *so much* WE Fantasy, that stories drawing from this tank no longer allow me to escape. That door is closed to me.

Ahmed’s stories draw from wells springing from other parts of the globe (there are some, you know, other parts). Interesting, new, fresh stories which I did not grow up listening to.  New legends, new tales, new demons and new famous legendary swords. New mores and tropes and societal taboos to upset and push and turn on their heads. New New New. Get me?

In fact, I was so excited after reading The Faithful Soldier, Prompted, when it first published in Apex, that I didn’t title the post when I put up a post telling you to read it. I can’t link back to that now. Heh!

(Note from nrlymrtl – I fixed it for you. Click here for the link to that post, which has a link to the short story itself).

Here’s an article he wrote for  Fantasy-Magazine.com: The Messengers, Monsters, and Moral Instructors of Islamic Literature. (This article is free as of right now, but I would suggest a subscription.)

Ahmed’s first book, Throne of the Crescent Moon will be coming out in 2012 from DAW. “But, genius Darkcargo, how do you know he’s such a great author if you haven’t read his novel yet?” Because, genius readers, he’s written a crap-ton of short fiction. I’ve linked to a few, below.

So, when he’s super famous and everyone wants his autograph and he has to hire someone to write his blog for him, don’t say I didn’t tell you. ‘Cause I just did.

I’m telling you that you will like this. The door to exploration and fascination is open again. Go. Enjoy!

Podcastle 159

Podcastle 150

Podcastle 102

StarshipSofa 163

p.s. this is not an award recognized by anyone but me. The Campbell award is actually an award given  noteworthy new writers, more info here. I was honestly suprised that he didn’t win, and thus my genius pun kicked in.

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