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Guest Post by Author S. M. Boyce

S.M. Boyce is a fantasy and paranormal fiction novelist, book blogger, and affordable professional editor who recently published her debut novel The Grimoire: Lichgates. Boyce updates her blog weekly so that you have something sarcastic to wake you up in the morning. Also, her Creative Writing degree entitles her to both be pompous and serve you french fries.

Feel free to get in touch with her, since she loves meeting new people. All links and details are at the end of this post.


Quick, what’s the coolest thing you can think of?

This post was written for those who shouted “Writers!” to their empty office so loudly that they spooked the fish in the tank one room over.

Oh, was that oddly specific? I prefer to call that imagery, not stalking.

Welcome to the realm of writing: where everything is fair game and no one can really agree on anything. It’s a fun adventure and the name of the game is getting published.

I’m lucky enough to count myself among the published; my debut novel is The Grimoire: Lichgates and was published this last October as the first in my contemporary fantasy Grimoire Trilogy. It has been a wild ride that involved a lot of insomnia and Red Bull, but seeing my book in Amazon and Barnes & Noble searches made it all worth it. It was really crazy when I saw it in print. But oh man, when the reviews started rolling in, my head went fuzzy. Strangers were reading my work…and liking it.

Here’s the blurb for The Grimoire:Lichgates:
The Grimoire is a book that turns its own pages. It can answer any question asked of it. So when Kara Magari stumbles across the old book while hiking a hidden trail, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. She’s thrown into Ourea: a beautiful world full of terrifying things. Most of the creatures there want to control her, but everyone is trying to find her. There’s no going back now.

There’s even a large following on the Grimoire Blog, where I post weekly bonus content like character artwork and deleted chapters not available anywhere else. People can live the Grimoire story any time and for as long as they want.

The Rock Stars of the Writing World

One of the greatest parts of being a writer is the writing community and its amazing & talented people that are – nine times out of ten – ridiculously nice. Let me give you an example. Go to the #amwriting Twitter conversation and send a witty response to someone who looks interesting or said something funny. Half the time, the conversation elevates until you learn a great new writing or marketing tip. Sometimes, you can even strike up strong friendships with these contacts.

Through Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, the Kindle Boards, Google+ and writing circles like Scribophile, you as a writer can connect with great writers who will help you to hone your skills and initiate conversations with your readers. Use social networking as a chance to engage with your audience, instead of throwing advertising at them, and you’ll go far. I wrote another guest post about marketing tips, so you can check it out or look at my friend Laura E. Bradford’s similar post if you’re interested.

What You Should Know

I was asked to give a few tips for new writers, so here goes one of the most important lessons I know: writers need to be avid readers with thick skin and an open mind.

Not everyone is going to like what you write, and that’s okay. Not every book blogger will read your book or leave a kind review. Hopefully, though, the book bloggers that do review your work at least give you constructive criticism from which you can learn, because otherwise it’s kind of a waste of everyone’s time.

I run a book blog called The Source and try to do just that with each of my reviews: I analyze the author’s voice and style, discuss what I liked and what I didn’t, and leave in-depth details with examples of what the novel’s strengths & weaknesses. I also post my review on Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords (if applicable) and anywhere else I can. I’m currently taking submissions, so feel free to go to The Source and query me if you’re a published writer and would like some exposure. I particularly love prerelease novels, if you want a review out before your book is even released. However, know that I ignore submissions that don’t abide by the requirements listed on the submission page. Query me first.

Whether you’re a seasoned author with twelve billion published books or a newbie just starting out with a laptop, a latte, and a dream, remember above all else to support your fellow writers. Leave reviews of our books. Connect with us. Critique our work on Email Her.

Places to Find S.M. Boyce:
Boyce’s Blog
Boyce’s novel: The Grimoire: Lichgates

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