The Martha Stewart of Gaming

So I do a lot of Console Gaming. Almost certainly more than I should but I enjoy getting caught up in the excitement of new deep games. My favorite games are the open world RPG games (Y’all have probably seen DC posting some of the Skyrim take). I get so into them,  that it tends to spill over into real life, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one.

So in an open question to the Con is what is your best Martha Stewart moment inspired by something nerd-worthy. Either of the Con or of the last year.
Since I’m on the soapbox I’ll go first.

Enter The Whiterun, its a mixture of equal parts Mead and Mountain Dew. Nothing says Nord like mead and nothing says “I am staying up till 3 am because I know there is a Shout at the end of this barrow” like caffinated citric acid. The mead I am using is homebrewed in PA and is 14% ABV. So 2:1 dilution still makes it more potent then off the shelf beer. The trick is trying to ride that edge where you seem to be making incredible shots with your ebony bow…without getting so tipsy you need to spend an hour doing smithing and alchemy while you sober up.

The Year:
I made my Vault Dweller Halloween costume. I thought it was well executed, I got mad props from the software development group at work (the biochemistry group didn’t get it). It went great, I was especially proud of the Pip-Boy 3000. Right up to the point it sprung a cyalume leak. Oh well.

Ok. Your turn con. What side endeavors are you most proud of this week/year?

7 thoughts on “The Martha Stewart of Gaming

  1. I could say that I have been tempted to invest in some pastis to compete with M3’s female character in Age of Conan, but that might not be quite what you’re talking about.

  2. Martha Stewart? my ass. I asked him to make us some lunch last weekend and he, deadpan, told me that he didn’t have all the ingredients yet for venison stew and he’d get to it later. (in the Elder Scrolls series you can collect items as you go along to combine into potions or food or whatever.)

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