AudioBook Review: Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

I know – I already read this book at least twice. But listening to it gives a whole new quality. I have to slow down and listen to each word. James Marsters does an excellent job of bringing to life Harry Dresden’s sarcastic comments, his dry humor when faced with near-certain death, and his exasperation with himself.

As many of you know, Fool Moon is the second book in the Harry Dresden series. Jim Butcher has written one of my all-time favorite series and I keep returning to this world. In this story, Chicago Wizard Harry must face the awful reality that werewolves are loose in his city. But how many? Do they all have the same agenda? Butcher once again wove a tale bringing together different shades of ‘bad guys’, fully making clear their individual motivations. Love, power, control, justice, for the greater good – they’re all mixed in there.

So many characters in the Dresden world I can relate to. In Fool Moon, we meet the geeky college students, The Alphas. Lt. Karrin Murphy continues to play a big part, her desire to trust Harry and her inimical distrust of nearly everyone warring within. This book also had some of my favorite quotes – such as the need to smile at children and idiots. Tara West also had some of the best dry remarks, and proves to be the biggest, and yet simplest, mystery of the book.

On an ending note, I have to share that I borrowed this audiobook through Inter-Library Loan. Unfortunately, there was an indecent accident involving a cat and a cutting board that ruined all the packaging. As a result, I have ‘purchased’ this book, providing a check to the loaning library to replace it. Sigh…. cats…. They have no taste.

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7 thoughts on “AudioBook Review: Fool Moon by Jim Butcher

      • I should have said “James Marsters reading Jim Butcher is almost enough…”

        Jim Butcher is one of my favourite authors. I have a difficult time reviewing books I actually like because I don’t have much to say other than “this was effing awesome, go read it RIGHT NOW!”

        (Summer Knight was my favourite before Ghost Story came out.)

        • I have that same problem, which is why I let nrlymrtl do most of the reviews. My reviews are “Nawsome because it was Awesome!” which is not really helpful to anyone.

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