Darkcargoish Updates

Hi All.

Darkcargo has been very busy, even without my usual drivel.

I have cleaned things up a bit and moved some things over to their own blogs.


It’s ok, everything will still be alerted to Darkcargo subscribers, we’re not going anywhere. Darkcargo has gotten too fat and needs new britches, that’s all. Basically, I’ve expanded the website in a linear sense so that we can get into better and deeper discussions of the books we’re reading.

So, here’s these new bits for you:

Some of this stuff will cross-post, some of it won’t. I will continue to post the YOBC selection of the month here on Darkcargo, but the discussions and reviews and so forth will happen over yonder.

Darkcargo will still host guest posts, interviews, Con-Going nonsense, dumb photos, the excitement of reading and falling in love with a riveting book. But by supporting some of the other things in their own sphere, we can better focus on SF&F. OK?

You can subscribe to each of these or only some of them individually.


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