Dracula – The Original Bad-Ass Vampire

An Estimated 33 lbs. of Kitties Enjoying Dracula

Dracula was a YOBC selection from last year, and I finally got around to it. When it first went on the list, I had my doubts about how good it would be.

It was great. I can now see why this classic has survived the ages. The characters are real people – ladies, gents, and monsters. There are no sparklers, day-walkers, huggable vampires in this novel. As the tension builds, the reader gents a true feeling that souls are at stake. The ending was very satisfactory.

And from this book, I have expanded my repertoire in the kitchen. In the earliest chapters, Jonathan Harker is traveling from England to Transylvania and he samples the local food at all the inns he stays at. I chose these three dishes mentioned: paprika hendl, impletata, and mamalgia.

Paprika hendle: paprika chicken cooked in a tomato sauce with sour cream.

Impletata: Sausage-mix stuffed eggplant.

Mamalgia: I went with the sausage-stuffed polenta balls recipe. It can also just be a morning porridge (think southern grits).

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