Damn You GraphicAudio!

ImageSo I got my first GraphicAudio book in the mail 2 weeks ago, via Paperbackswap.com. I listen to ~1 audiobook a week, with my commute and house chores. So I am use to my little routine in the truck. Load up the audiobook, drive to work, turn off book at the guard check point. They appreciate that. And they are armed.

Well, GraphicAudio takes the audiobook experience to a whole new level! There’s a full cast, cinematic music, and great audio special effects. It really makes me think of the old radio programs before tv. This performance sucked me in and I was so engrossed in it that I forgot to turn the book off at the ID check point.

Sigh……Those guards are allowed to do random vehicle searches. Hmmm…Maybe they just wanted to listen to my audiobook too?

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DabofDarkness.com; Round Table Farms; WovenHearth.com organic farming; reading scifi/fantasy, historical fiction, mysteries; cooking good stuff; weaver

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