The Steampunk Dude at RavenCon

So, the Steampunk People that we saw yesterday is David Lee and his family. He had a show and tell yesterday afternoon. Here he’s got his brother, Darth Vader, on display.

The man in the orange shirt, below, is modeling the shoulder-mounted Gattling Gun, which spun around flashed lights when doing so. Neat!

The Umbrella/Clock/Chair combo is his time machine.

Lee makes these things in his garage from bits and bobs from the thrift stores: candleholders, showerheads, antique tools (antique in this case meaning “old pre-motorized tools that are busted”), and little electronic pieces–motors and lights and battery packs–from hobby stores selling supplies for such hobbies as model trains and pimping out one’s bike.

He is unabashed about his mistakes and telling people about things and ideas that didn’t work out as planned, which is really great when talking to crafts-people.




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