Red Seas Under Red Skies Read Along Part III

Welcome back everyone to Round Three of the Read Along! This is my first time through this book, and it was hard to leave the story at the end of Chapter 10. I so very much wanted to continue on, just to see Jean and Locke kiss and make up (I hope they do!).

This week’s questions are provided by Ashley, who’s posting on SF Signal on Mondays. Stop by and say ‘Hi’ if you need to goof off a bit at work on Monday. You can also follow our silliness on twitter with #lynchmob.

This week’s questions:

1. Locke and Jean’s ability to find themselves at the center of a serious mess seems unparalleled. At this point, do you think that Stragos will get the return he expects on his investment in them?

2. Merrain’s activities after our boys leave Windward Rock are interesting. What do you think her plans are?

3. Does anyone know why having cats aboard the ship is so important?

4. The word “mutiny” creates a lot of mental pictures. Were you surprised? Why or why not?

5. Ah, the Poison Orchid. So many surprises there, not the least of which were the captain’s children. Did you find the young children a natural part of the story?

6. Jean is developing more and more as a character as we get further into the book. Ezri makes the comment to him that “Out here, the past is a currency, Jerome. Sometimes it’s the only one we have.” I think several interesting possibilities are coming into play regarding Jean and Ezri. What about you?

7. As we close down this week’s reading, the Thorn of Camorr is back! I love it, even with all the conflict.  Several things from their Camorri background have come back up. Do you think we will see more Camorri characters?

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My Answers:

1) I am deeply hoping that Stragos gets more than he bargains for. And that it is delivered on a pointy end.

2) She didn’t take any pleasure in slitting those throats. I am guessing she is in on a the-ends-justify-the-means scheme that is even bigger than Stragos’s goal of setting Tal Verrar up as a dominant power for a future struggle with Karthain. Oh, and that she is well paid, laid, and boozed to compensate for the blood.

3) I would keep a cat for entertainment in a bad storm. Because cats have the best personality, are the calmest critters, and love crashing noises and salt water that lasts for days. Seriously, Iono can never have enough cats in the Great Deep. Oh! And cats can be taught to use crap lines.

4) I was surprised that it took so long for Locke’s crew to mutiny. Of course, it didn’t do them much good; they had waited too long. Next time, they will know to mutiny sooner. I also believe the experience was character building for Locke. I am sure the swelling on his bruised ego will go down soon.

5) I was pleasantly surprised by the family aspect to the Poison Orchid. I also like the rules concerning the kids – they are sacred to every crew member, period. I imagine they are very obedient kids, to their mother at least. So many hazards on a pirate ship… sharp objects, chance for rope burns, large splinters, exposure to crude language and hand gestures, high places, rolling unsecured objects across the deck….. It’s a good thing they have those loving cats to counteract the negatives.

6) Ooooo! I hope Jean and Ezri develop a steamy, loud, and somewhat exhibitionistic sexual affair. Just saying. But even if that doesn’t happen, I still really like Ezri and i hope we get to keep her around for the rest of this book, at least.

7) I don’t expect to see any more Camorri characters, unless the Spider is after Locke, still. Because of that punch in the nose. I was very pleased to see Locke summon his inner Thorn to successfully board that ship. However, the aftermath conflict with Jean was tough. Those two are so good together; yet Jean made some really good points.

Other Tidbits:

Locke has too many coverstories going; he is going to fuck up and it might cost him a body part.

I want to know more about those funny cards that turn into cement with alcohol.

Will Jean ever get his Wicked Sisters back? Like for his personal use, not stuck in his skull.

I am in love with Captain Drakasha. I want to be strong and beautiful and decisive like her.

The Schedule:

Darkcargo: Part 4 – Chapter 11 thru end of chapter 13; posts go up May 19

Lynn’s Book Blog: Part 5 – Chapter 14 to the end, posts go up May 26

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17 thoughts on “Red Seas Under Red Skies Read Along Part III

  1. Yes to No.1 – my thoughts exactly – I hope he gets what’s coming to him big time (is that a bit bloodthirsty of me?)
    I think you may get your heart’s desire about Jean and Ezri – they seem quite enamoured.
    I loved when Locke charged the Redeemers waving his sabre and laughing – I properly laughed out loud at that point (as usual Jean to the rescue) but what a great scene. I’m still smiling about that even now.
    Lynn :D

    • That scene at the end of Chpt. 10 started off great – Locke charging the fanatics and all. I was rooting for him and his Thorn persona. I hope he and Jean will be able to kiss and makeup from their fight. I wonder if Drakasha will put Locke in charge of all boarding parties now? Not all ships will have a beer barrel in such an ideal location.

      • I loved his little comment as well when the last redeemer jumped down to fight him and slipped in the beer and Locke said something like ‘undone by drink’ – it was almost like one of those ‘Bond like’ moments! It made me laugh.
        He’ll have such a reputation now after all that laughing and recklessly charging the enemy that (1) he’ll never get picked on by this crew again because they’ll all be crapping themselves (2) he’ll be put in charge of boarding parties and (3) more reckless enemies will probably come and seek him out to test how true is reputation really is!!
        Lynn :D

  2. Merrain is either working for the Bondsmagi or has connections to Selendri and Requin. Either way I picture her as a deadly, foxy, and cold woman who is answering to people more powerful than the Archon.

    As far as the crew and its mutiny… I felt that Locke got out of that a bit too easily. He almost got the poor guys drowned!

    Good point about Jean’s Wicked Sisters… Just where are they?

  3. I forgot about the cards! They are obviously important – I wonder if they have an important part to play in the set-up for Requin. And what would that part be, I cannot even begin to guess.

  4. Sorry, still laughing at the thought of trying to teach cats to use the craplines! :D

    I am also very interested in the cards: I assume that they are part of the Requin plan, because cards would be easy to smuggle into the Spire, but who knows what Locke has in mind for them. I was surprisingly sad to see the wicked Sisters sailing off into the sunset, so I hope they are reunited with their rightful owner.

    • My Main Man and I had a debate about whether or not a cat could learn to use the crap lines. He says ‘No’ and I say ‘Yes’. We got into diagrams and such with conflicting arrows.

      I also hope the Wicked Sisters make it back to Jean.

  5. Drakasha is totally my new role model. and those pirates suddenly have two more reasons to never, ever let that ship by boarded by enemies. Since it’s supposedly common knowledge that she travels with her kids, I wonder if her enemies are more likely to attack her, or less likely, because they don’t want to harm innocent children? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the criminals in these books are far more moral than anyone else when it comes to not wanting to harm innocents.

    omg, cats using craplines! lol!!!

    Jean and Ezri are so fricken adorable together! and Jean totally deserves some hot lovin’. but Locke? he’s gonna get totally jealous. i guess the bromance has ended for a while.

    • I am totally cool with the bromance chilling for a while. These are young men who are attracted to the female persuasion. Jean can’t be expected to keep it in his pants all the time.

      Maybe the other pirates/law-abiding vigilantes know the sailors of the Poison Orchid will fight that much harder just to protect the kids? I know Drakasha will fight that much harder.

  6. I have to agree with you about Locke and his cover stories, at some point he’s going to slip up. I mean he is trying to bring all the lies in so that they’re connected but still…

  7. Getting back the Wicked Sisters for his “personal use”? Hum, I wonder what kind of use he would have if it isn’t cracking skulls… cutting sausages? *thinking weird thoughts*

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