Well, a flat on I-81 had us walking the dogs around a dull little shopping center in Hagerstown, MD while Mr. Tire did their tire-ly magic. Bored bored bored, but grateful, glad and thankful for it being Friday, populated area, cell-phone reception and AAA. (Ever been stuck in Shamrock TX on a Sun evening?)


‘Round the corner is a sidewalk sale of…books? Yes! A serendipitous used bookstore, plopped down fortuitously in my path!

And not only just any used bookstore, but Wonderbook, with over a million titles.
A friendly gal with hair shorter than mine (no small achievement) came out to chat with us and offered the dogs water. Of course, I happily followed her back into the store.


Holy crap! Seemingly miles of out of print treasures awaited me under flaps of hot pink “Latin America”, “Doyle! (Sherlock Holmes)” and “Lost? Pick up a Store Map”.


The ephemera posted to the ends of the bookshelves were fascinating in themselves: need a pamphlet from the 1976 Montreal Olympics? Right here, past Ecology-Equestrienne.


Most of my picks today were from the Latin America aisle, but I have something for two of you: an ILLUSTRATED edition of several Sherlock stories, Kelley Jones, illustrator, published by IDW publishing; and The Monkey’s Wrench by Primo Levi, an Italian “writer-chemist” whom I have fallen madly in love with. ( Don’t look at me like that– many of his stories are sci-fi or about science.)

To celebrate the unforeseen events of today, let me know which of these two books you’d like via comments. I’ll pick winners when I get home on Sunday evening.


3 thoughts on “Wonderbook!

      • hmm, Primo Levi – first born son of the Levi family?

        aren’t random used bookstores that are filled to the brim with all sorts of out of print wonderfulness just the bestest surprises ever? All the weird stuff all over the place reminds me of the big used bookstore in Detroit.

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