Library FREE Bin

The main library that I have the opportunity to visit every other month has a Free Bin. Well, s couple of bins and some carts. They even keep plastic grocery sacks right there in case you want more than 1 or 2. The library gets so many donations that there is always something new in the Free Bin. Here is what I picked up this last time. Over half of these are by favorite authors. Then I picked up a few others on a whim – such as Shades of Grey by Lisanne Norman which is like Book 8 in some scifi series. Since the romance trilogy by the same name has been getting so much news time, I thought it was cool to bump into a book by the same title and also something I could get into.

I love browsing free books. I have taken a chance on several new authors simply because their book fell into my keeping. I also like the idea of giving the book back to the Free Bin when I am through with it.

Does your library have a Free Bin? Ever donate to it?

Which of these lovelies should I start with?

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4 thoughts on “Library FREE Bin

      • I read the Alienist too, and agree with your appraisal. Also that its world and time were powerfully detailed, and there was an extraordinarily strong female character for the time. I’ve heard that his other books are also very good, though I haven’t read them.

  1. The only other author there that I can comment on is Mary Renault who wrote good, vivid historical novels, chiefly on stories from ancient history. I may have read The Persian Boy long ago — does it feature Alexander the Great as a secondary character? If so, I found it well written and intriguing, with a number of page-turning historical action scenes. I must say that one scene horrified me, but it was fundamental to the book.

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