Some Graphic Novels

Midnight’s Children is a long haul, so I’ve been exploring the world of Graphic Novels as I trudge through Midnight’s six-hundred pages.

I plan to do more in-depth reviews of some of these, but I needed an intro-post to get this new material sorted in my head.

I’ve read V, and Watchmen and other similar modern –very violent– GNs. Eh. I “get” them but they’re a little to squidgy for me to really enjoy. (Yea, yah, I’ll surrender my nerd-cred badge in a moment.) High school was tolerated with an obsession over The Sandman, every issue, repeatedly. Not growing up with The Superhero Suite, Marvel/DC, is a bit beyond my ken, tho I enjoy when I read there.

So what else is out there besides Alan Moore, Superheroes and Gaiman’s Sandman? Oh, lots it turns out.

20120909-124118.jpgParticularly, I’ve found a few that are historical fiction (Pirates!), re-telling of Classical Greek tales, journalism (really!), and illustrated Literature Classics–both re-written comic-book style and with original unabridged text. These are more my cuppa.

Oh, and Mouse Guards.

Anyone have any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Some Graphic Novels

  1. ooh – I was waiting for this one!

    Alan Moore is an interesting case – when he’s good, he’s amazing; when he’s not, he’s just kind of pervy and off-putting.

    I re-read “Watchmen” every other year or so, and find more things to love about it each time. Also, I highly recommend the first two volumes of “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, which is a decent (if superhero-ey) adventure story absolutely loaded with allusions to classic English literature.

    I’d suggest you skip “Lost Girls”.

    Otherwise, I’d offer up the following suggestions:

    “Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi – an excellent autobiographical comic about her life growing up in Iran after the Islamic revolution there. Powerful stuff. (also, there was a pretty great animated film made of it back in ’07).

    “Laika” by Nick Abadzis – a fictionalized (but very accurate) account of the life of the Russian space dog. I haven’t actually read this one, but it’s supposed to be wonderful, and a little bit heartbreaking (as you’d expect).

    Also – I can’t let this one go without plugging Steve Gerber’s run on “Howard The Duck” (or anything by Gerber, really) – over 27 issues, Gerber pretty much used this book as his one-man introspective meditation – it looks like a “funny animal” comic, but it’s really a wry satire on 70s political and social trends – it’s funny, touching, and biting, often at the same time.

  2. “Persepolis” is excellent!!! the animated movie is very very good too.

    “Strangers in Paradise” is a sort of soap opera, sort of love triangle, and wonderfully written and addictive.

    For some fun, silly, romance, action, mad-science, you gotta try “Girl Genius” by Phil & Kaja Foglio.

    that Odyssey graphic novel in your photo looks pretty cool, sometimes history bores me, but if I can have it with pictures and a little silliness? Win!

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