Dresden Homework

Ahhh! I’m totally behind on being prepped for the release of Cold Days this coming Tuesday.

I’ve been re-readingaudioing the entire series over the last year, while embroidering or quilting or hand-crafting.

Now mostly thru White Night, I’m anxious about finishing Ghost Story in time for the arrival of my pre-ordered copy of Cold Days. Listening times have expanded to include cooking, driving, cleaning, and carrying shit up and down the stairs, Marsters’ voice shouting from my ass back pocket.

Am I going to make it? Hum… I might have an extra day–til Wednesday–because I ordered my copy from a small bookseller and they will be mailing it to me. Still, I’m feeling a bit like a student with an overdue assignment.

However, in this case: FUEGO!


2 thoughts on “Dresden Homework

  1. Ha, I’m currently reading Summer Knight – I’ve only recently started this series. Summer Knight is brilliant so far. Just look how much I have to look forward to. Happy days.
    Lynn :D

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