It’s too cold!

Chupa and The Dresden Files, graphic novel style.

I need to curl up in a cozy place with a cat, hot tea, and a pile of Dresden Files. Let me specify:

This is Chupacabra. I bottlefed him on goat milk. He likes to slobber on me and whatever I am working on. So while he may get to sit and slobber on my Reminiscence pile of Jim Butcher, he will NOT get to sit with me on my first read of Cold Days, coming out next week.

Oh, and here is a great interview through Sword and Laser with Jim Butcher talking about The Dresden Files, his Codex Alera series, and his new project in the works.

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3 thoughts on “It’s too cold!

  1. Hells Bells, I’m only on book No.4! Got some serious catching up to do. Actually though, I think I’ll take my time, at least I have no long wait in between books at the moment which is a MASSIVE bonus (being so impatient!).
    Lynn :D

    • Empty Night! ;) Another aspect of awesome with The Dresden Files is that re-reads hold up really, really well. Not just one re-read but many re-reads. There are all kinds of events and decisions that occur later that were small off-hand references earlier. It’s fun to go back and catch those.

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