Author Love, Multimedia Style

Heldig with my books.

When I really enjoy a book or an author, I tend to collect more than 1 copy of the book – paper, ebook, and audio. A few of you may be looking at me askance, but I think most of you know exactly the kind of book worship I’m talking about.

Guy Gavriel Kay, Jacqueline Carey, Orson Scott Card, Kevin Hearne are just some of my favorites I do this with. And, oh, that guy who’s book is coming out tomorrow, Cold Days by Jim Butcher.

Here you can see I have paperbacks, hardbacks, a graphic novel, and a disembodied audiobook (there was an accident with a cat, don’t ask) all by Jim Butcher. I also have a few ebooks and some audios on

Who do you worship with multiple copies and medium?

And if you’re having trouble waiting for Cold Days, Chapters 1-4 have been made available through Butcher’s site:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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8 thoughts on “Author Love, Multimedia Style

  1. I can tend toward that in various media. I have (or have had) almost every incarnation of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (including the infocom text adventure game and cassette tapes of the original BBC radio series), for example. I’ve also got several editions of Lord of the Rings, including the much-loved and mended with tape paperback editions my dad had in high school through which I discovered the story when *I* was in high school.

    There’s history to these things…

    Seems I married into the same habit – my lovely spouse has six or seven different versions of the Little House series, as well as both the American and British editions of the Harry Potter series, because you have to have them in the original language, right?

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