Release Date

This is Waffles, who doesn’t really care what I read as long as she gets to sit on me.

Today is important. That’s right. Did you forget?

Yeah, I can see you twisting your head around, looking for some clue. Grandma’s birthday? Some anniversary? Was I suppose to retire today?

Today is the day Cold Days by Jim Butcher is released. Yes, I have mine on pre-order. Yes, I’ll be checking the mail like 3 times a day until it arrives. Most definitely, I have read the first 4 chapters Jim Butcher made available on his website.

There are several giveaways running for Jim Butcher’s works. Over at The Ranting Dragon, they have several great articles about The Dresden Files, a giveaway for the first few books in the series (in case you haven’t read the books, but want to), and a print of the Cold Days cover art.

Additionally, The Reading Date is having a giveaway of the audio version of Cold Days.

With all that said, there are a few other books coming out today that I have my eyes on.

Trapped by Kevin Hearne is Book 5 in the Iron Druid Chronicles, another urban fantasy that I have quite enjoyed. I have my audio version on pre-order with

The Unreal and the Real, both Volumes 1 and 2, by Ursula K. LeGuin are also being released. I have read a few of her pieces and based on those alone, hold her in high regard.

What books are you looking forward to as the year winds down?

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9 thoughts on “Release Date

    • Honestly, they just keep getting better and they don’t get repetitive. Dresden ages. So do his friends, allies, and enemies. Things change. Makes for a great series.

  1. the UPS guy was early, delivering my copy before I got home from work…thus, my lovely wife got to it before I did. She spent the evening taunting me with it from across the room, like, I suppose, a proper book-stealing spouse should ;-)

  2. Look at all you reading book number 14 and I’m on book 4! I’m such a baby! I really did like book 4 though. The world is just growing around Harry. Plus the sense of humour in these books is great. I keep snorting out loud when I’m reading – and then reading snippets to whoever I’m with – and then I get the blank look!
    The good news is – by the time I catch up there’ll be more books released (so I won’t have actually caught up will i?) This is all good though – it keeps me busy in between waiting impatiently for other titles to be released.
    Lynn :D

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