3 thoughts on “The Worst Crimes

    • Yeah! I’m a pretty terrible person, all told.

      We started it properly tonight, via audio. I’m on Ch 4 now. I love how James Marsters has really grown into being Harry Dresden. Some of the voice tricks he pulls here, even in the first four chapters, are da bomb.

  1. Okay, i admit I have occasionally looked at the ending of the book before I’d actually read myself to it (okay, I used to do this more than occasionally). Much badness!! At my book club is a woman who just quite happily said she reads the end of every book she picks up – but, she said she does this for a purpose, in order to look at character development and to reflect on the changes during the book. Not sure about that to be honest – personally, I think the lady protest too much. If I want to read the ending anyway I just will, it’s not like somebody’s going to arrest me and I don’t think I have to justify it but these days I like to keep myself in suspense is all!
    Lynn :D

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