Columbus Area Boardgaming Society

Holy Crap!

We found CABS though a flyer for OHNerd, a weekend gaming event in Columbus.

I’m a little awestruck, so I’ll just regale you with photos.

A life, we can haz one?

1) The gaming society has exactly one crap-ton of games in a gaming library. They are inventoried with a scanner system, and catalogued so they can be found again. As members, we can check out games and take them home. I was going to take more photos of the game cabinets, but at cabinet #8, Duncan rolled his eyes and said “stop, please”.


2) there’s a pizza wagon?! Mr Pizza tells me that the gaming society has the local food trucks in rotation, so next time, mebby fried chicken or tacos.


3) we’re not the only people here, and this isn’t Monopoly….


4). Uh, can we just play any of these? Uh, is this really this cool?


9 thoughts on “CABS

    • We use the Heavy Crappe Tonne, which is the Imperial measurement used in Olde Towne East neighborhood of Columbus OH. (our neighborhood)

      This is equivalent to ten cabinets, five shelves each, four stacks on each shelf and four games per stack.

      For example, One Heavy Crappe Tonne is how much Christmas lights the really nice fellows next door have put up. (really! I’ve never had such nice neighbors.)

  1. Gaming & food trucks? and better microbreweries and Meaderies. . . I want to move to Columbus!!!

    your last photo is of Yggdrasil, players control different Norse deities trying to protect Odin’s house from other non-player-deities who want to destroy his base of power. beautiful board and pieces, non-complicated game mechanics, but OMG, nearly impossible to win!! I won’t let Mike sell his copy because the board is just too beautiful.

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