Coolness of the Internet Book World

I want to cover a few things going on around El Internet. First, as many of you know, this is the gift giving season; perhaps there are those in your life who prefer you give to charity int heir name instead of cluttering up their house with stuff. Perhaps you are just a giving person. Each year my man and participate in Patrick Rothfuss’s World Builders program. This is awesome as many, many authors, publishers, and simple book lovers donate signed or special edition books to Rothfuss to either be auctioned off or given as prizes in random drawings for those who donate to Heifer International through World Builders. The second reason this is awesome is because Heifer International provides such things as chickens, llamas, looms, seeds, etc. to needy communities around the world, along with instructions on proper use, care, and feeding. Such things not only help a family, but a community and provide the seed for a small, local industry (think wool from sheep). So if you donate money to charities and haven’t decided on one yet, I encourage you to check that out. If you are feeling poor this year and still want to help out, check out Rothfuss’s site to see if it’s not too late to donate fancy books to the cause.

Second thing, which is tied to Item #1: Patrick Rothfuss gave a 30-minute interview on Sword & Laser which was pretty darn cool. If you have read his books (Name of the Wind, and Wise Man’s Fear) then you would probably enjoy this interview – and learning where Rothfuss’s first love of reading came from. He also explains more about World Builders towards the end of the interview.

Lastly, some crazy folks over at On Starships and Dragonwings and Dab Of Darkness have decided to attempt the monumental joy (and task) of a read along of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time Series. The read along for The Eye of the World will be starting mid-December. As many of you know, Jordan passed away before finishing his monumental work and Brandon Sanderson carried the torch to completion (final book is due out early next year). 15 books total. I leave it up to you to decide their sanity level.

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9 thoughts on “Coolness of the Internet Book World

  1. I learned of Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders drive last year for the first time and it was a pleasure to give to such a cool organization. Knowing that the money was going to such a great cause made it even more of a thrill to give. And even though you don’t give to get, I ended up winning one of the donated books, a signed Subterranean Press special edition of Angel’s Game. Very cool.
    I am waaaayyyyy behind on Sword and Laser, Table Top and the Flog. Hopefully over Christmas vacation I can do a marathon and get caught up. Is there anything spoilerish about A Wise Man’s Fear in the Rothfuss interview? I’ve read Name but not Wise yet.

    • I haven’t read the 2nd book yet either. There was 1 brief comment about the relationship between 2 characters in the 2nd book, but I don’t feel that it spoiled anything major.

      • I have read Wise, and there was one possibly spoilerish question discussed, but not so much plot related as about character emotional issues, and not so much new information as about an issue that is present in both books. It might actually embellish the read rather than detract from it. But if you’d rather have all such knowledge fresh for the read then you might want to wait and see the interview later.

        The rest of the discussion was about writerly issues — including some very useful insights into the critical inner-editor problem that many writers have — and about the Heifer/world building program.

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