Kat’s 2012 Round Up and 2013 Goals

My big goal the this year was to buy fewer things, get in better shape, use what I have or donate what I don’t need. It has been a big success! I’ve even lost 15+ pounds and can see my closets again. That went into my reading a little, in that I’m trying to read the books I already own but haven’t read yet. There’s a lot in there! All kinds of genres and authors and publishers that are new or familiar. I got into some new genres (historical fiction mysteries, anyone?) and I found those at the library, so that totally counts. I even deleted my Hulu account. Wowzers. Gave me more time to read, though, so woo!

Anyway, here’s my reading goal for 2013:

I will read more poetry, and maybe even finish all the books in the Akitada series. I always wanted to read more Ralph Waldo Emerson (I have  a couple collections of his), and I’m going to read all three Clockwork Phoenix collections Elizabeth gave me. Then, hopefully, I can get to Icarus Rising or one of the other con books I have. Oooo! Or Aegis Solution (Krygelski). There are whole worlds in my own library I don’t know about. I will also read aloud more often to my kids, whether it’s comics, Scooby Doo (our new fave), and especially more poetry. Kids love poetry.

Yay! A whole new year of books!

2 thoughts on “Kat’s 2012 Round Up and 2013 Goals

  1. The Clockwork Pheonix books are great. Which ones did I send you? I’ll email a list of the stories I liked better than the others.

    High-Fives on the weight loss! Good job!

    I found Black Arrow. Do you want me to mail that to you?

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