Kat’s List of 2012 Reading Accomplishments

Here’s a list of what I read this year, for kicks, in no particular order. What was your reading list for 2012?

(Note: these are books I finished, or include some short stories I finished in larger collections. A list of what I started would be too long, lol)

A couple stories in Sherlock Holmes Vol 2
Call of Cthulu- H.P. Lovecraft
American Gods- Neil Gaiman
The Naked Sun- Asimov
Robots of Dawn- Asimov
Robots of Empire- Asimov
A Christmas Carol- Dickens
Undead and Unwed- Mary Janice Davidson
Undead and Unemployed- Mary Janice Davidson
Undead and Unappreciated- Mary Janice Davidson
Undead and Unreturnable- Mary Janice Davidson
Undead and Unpopoular- Mary Janice Davidson
Undead and Uneasy- Mary Janice Davidson
Cold Vengeance- Preston & Child
Wizard of Oz- L Frank Baum
The Plagiarist- Hugh Howey
Wool Omnibus (1-5)- Hugh Howey
Gideon’s Sword- Preston & Child
Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat
Rashomon Gate- I. J. Parker
Dragon Scroll- I. J. Parker
Ready Player One- Ernest Cline
Redshirts- Scalzi
Jaws- Peter Benchley
Maltese Falcon- Dashiel Hammett

Wow, is that all of them? Whew!

6 thoughts on “Kat’s List of 2012 Reading Accomplishments

  1. I have heard wonderful things about Redshirts, Ready Player One, and Wool Omnibus. Did you find them worthy? I love American Gods and reread it every few years. i was glad to see it on your list. I hope you enjoyed it greatly.

    • I did enjoy it greatly! I will have to read it again sometime, to catch all the little things I probably missed. The other 3 books are some of the best I’ve read!!

  2. that’s a very nice list. Loved “Redshirts” (go read it now, nrlymrtl! The audiobook version is pretty great – got the family through a long car trip), and really need to go grab “Ready Player One”, which I hear is good.

    “American Gods” is one of those I need to go back and revisit again – loved it the first time, though I’m sure there are plenty of new revelations to take in.

    • Redshirts and Ready Player One are both narrated by Wil Whaeton, so yeah, go now and listen to them! I think American Gods might be one of those that changes every time we read it, you know? It was awesome.

  3. I love people’s end of year lists. I’ve read a few on there – some many years ago like Wizard of Oz and Sherlock Holmes. Just reread A Christmas Carol and really enjoyed it. Still not read American Gods – sat waiting patiently. I’m gradually working my way through Neil Gaiman’s books and graphic novels. I’ve heard lots of good things about the Wool Omnibus so I’m definitely going to check that out. I take it you really enjoyed Mary Janice Davidson as you seem to have a few titles by that author – do you recommend?
    Lynn :D

    • Absolutely! The books on the list are all in a series. They are real palate cleansers for when I get bored or just need something to make me laugh and not worry so much. They are about a young woman who is suddenly transformed into the Queen of Vampires. They are a little romantic, naughty, weird, and very funny. She has a thing for shoes. I never would have thought I’d like them, but they are great. Each book has a good twist in the plot and I can read one in a couple days, if motivated. The very best part is that a friend lends them to me when she ‘s finished, so we can laugh about them together.

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