Athens Book Company

Local bookstores rule!

My Of Choice right now is the Athens Book Center, Athens OH:

Some neat features:


the Sci-Fi section is designed for Harry Dresden.



They have relevant and meaningful displays.


They mail me stuff! and quick, too! (Cold Days by Jim Butcher,
Defiant Peaks by Juliet E. McKenna)



The toys and games are educational and/or and intelligent (those aren’t always the same thing)


There’s a used comic book section! That’s sa-wheeat for us non-collector types.


They offer new and used books, can order what they don’t have in stock, and have a larger, inventoried collection for on-line sales which is the heartblood of all bookstores nowadays, they say.

One thought on “Athens Book Company

  1. That’s one thing I really miss – is a local used bookstore where I can go browse weekly. The library has a small one, and that’s fun, but I miss going to Page One Too monthly.

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