Mail Call, A Dog’s Life Comic

Chuck Parker offered to buy for Yours Truly a copy of No Shenanigans, an omnibus of the web comic A Dog’s Life by Chris Otto, while at the VAComicCon.

THEN! Chris Otto chimed in, offering to autograph the book and draw a caricature of my old buddy, Jambolaya. To do this, he wanted a photo and to know a little bit about Jums. So I complied, and later I received THIS in the mail!

One of Jambolaya’s traits is that he likes to shred paper, so sometimes I’ll let him play with a piece of junk mail. Here, this reads “OK, In my defense, I can’t read, and all mail looks like junk mail to me. Can I get skritches now?” He’s chawing down on a $6000 tax refund check.

This was really a neat and generous thing, thanks guys!


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