The Pulsing Heart….

TeaBooksNewYears2013….of Dark Cargo is truly Elizabeth Campbell. Over the years, she has invited us DC writers onto her blog one by one and into her life. Beth started Dark Cargo and kept it a quiet little secret for family, posting pics of their various trips to SFF conventions. But then others showed an interest, and Dark Cargo grew, and continues to grow each year.

I have had the great fortune to have known Beth since 1996 when we were both in college, and I have had the immeasurable pleasure of writing for DC since 2010. In fact, Beth took me to my very first SFF convention, Dragon*Con 2010, which opened my world to a whole new universe of people. Yes, there are several thousands of geeks, nerds, bookaholics out there just like me.

As we ring in the new year, my thoughts are on how fortunate, fulfilling, and filled with interesting people my life is. Now keep in mind, these words are coming to you from the countryside sticks of northern New Mexico. The nearest gas station is roughly 10 miles away, the nearest hospital is a solid 45 minutes away, and the nearest fancy food store 1.5 hours away. The bookish blogging community has been very welcoming, to both DC and to myself. For all of that, I am grateful.

And now that we have that mushy stuff out of the way, here is another gratuitous picture of books and tea. All these books were sent to me or strongly recommended by Beth herself. In fact, she made my tea mug. It has circles on it, which I think of as bubbles. In this case, it held peach ginger black tea.

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5 thoughts on “The Pulsing Heart….

  1. Darkcargo is authored by five different people. It’s a community place to promote the books, music and crafts we discover and enjoy. Our goal here is to promote literacy and to encourage people to read more.

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