Epic Fantasy Cross-Stitch

As if you needed another reason why I’m so cool, I received this awesome little handmade bag as a Kickstarter reward. It was designed and stitched by Juliet E. McKenna.


I can hear your teeth gnashing in jealousy all the way from here.

It was for this project:
Tales of the Emerald Serpent, which includes short stories by McKenna, Julie Czerneda, and Martha Wells.

2 thoughts on “Epic Fantasy Cross-Stitch

  1. That’s the kind of thing that would encourage me to support a Start-up project. can you imagine if Jim Butcher offered to do some embroidery work or Patrick Rothfuss offered up a finger painting to the first 50 folks who supported his Start-up? It’s those personal touches that really show how much the artists are into the project.

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