Resolution Reconfigured

Resolution Refigured:

So remember my lofty goal of only reading what’s in my own house? That will happen, surely, but I wandered around the library page today and (after planning on going to the Lego Club this afternoon), I ran across a whole bunch of book titles I heard about from 2012. Here is a list of books I heard about more than once, in many different places. Different enough to consider checking them out. It’s like I keep hearing key words and phrases in a conversation in another room. All of these book references have been random and therefore have piqued my interest, since they keep popping up! I put most of these on holds, and I’m around 86 or 124 or so in line for all of them. I’ll have plenty of time to read from my own library until these start trickling in.

Vertigo-W.G. Sebald
This is not like the movie, but it sounds great, described as the author’s “most amazing…and most alarming” book. Here is part of a review from amazon:
‘An unnamed narrator, beset by nervous ailments, is again our guide on a hair-raising journey through the past and across Europe, amid restless literary ghosts—Kafka, Stendhal, Casanova. In four dizzying sections, the narrator plunges the reader into vertigo, into that “swimming of the head,” as Webster’s defines it: in other words, into that state so unsettling, so fascinating, and so “stunning and strange,” as The New York Times Book Review declared about The Emigrants, that it is “like a dream you want to last forever.”‘

Doctor Zhivago-Boris Pasternak
I loved the movie. This is one of those books I wouldn’t normally read, but being part of Dark Cargo has convinced me it’s worth a shot. It is set in 1903 Imperial Russia about Dr Yuri Zhivago and his trials and tribulations in his life, mostly centered around a love triangle between his wife and family, and the other woman he falls in love with during the revolution. It’s not the victorian mysteries I’m used to, for sure. No monsters with tentacles, either. But I think I’ll enjoy it. I might try and borrow this on ebook if I can, since it is almost 600 pages. I’m sure it is on the shelf, though. No waiting here!

Gone Girl-Gillian Flynn
This is one I’ve heard about all over the place. At first I thought this would be one of those flippant-not-enough-monsters-books that I don’t like, but further inquiry shows that this may be a very good ghost story. Goes to show how advertising a book a certain way, or to certain audiences, can often take away from the actual story (but that’s a post for another day, about opening to new books regardless of their looks).
A young couple is celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary when suddenly the wife is missing. It doesn’t help that no one (including the missing wife) is particularly likeable, and everyone has a motive apparently. Looks like a real page turner. I can’t wait to try it out!

House of Leaves-Mark Z. Danielewski
House of Leaves is exploding on twitter and FB. Wil Wheaton blogged about it, for pete’s sake. Ok ok, Universe, I got the hint. Unfortunately, I got the hint at the same time as 85 other people. I can wait. This one should be a real treat-it seems to have people turning it upside down and sideways to read, figuring out footnotes of footnotes, references to references, and the plot is supposed to be very good and very scary. I’ve read reviews where people are already tearing it into different meanings, not just the ghost story it is written as. People are dissecting this book like it’s one of those classics we read in high school. I find that exciting. I’m always up for new horror anyway.
The basic idea is that a family moves into a house that is bigger on the inside than the outside, and scary stuff happens.

Watership Down-Richard Adams
Lots of Dark Cargo-ites read this last year, and I figure better late than never, I’ll read it too.

Whew! Here’s to lots of new books in 2013! :-)

9 thoughts on “Resolution Reconfigured

  1. I think that Doctor Zhivago is the only case wherein I would recommend the movie over the book. It was a fun excercise to read, but my thoughts reflect nrlymrtl’s reaction, something to the effect of “the characters are stupid”. I felt like I was missing something when I read it, but totally “got it” DESPITE KIERA KNIGHTLY when I watched the movie. It might be a translation lapse?

  2. Also, curiosity killed the cat but…. what is a lego club ??

    I haven’t read Gone Girl but have heard good things so hope to see a review! Definitely read Watership Down – for Frith’s sake do!

    Lynn :D

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