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I’ve decided you need something entertaining, and hence, I have put together a link soup. I also found several SFF movie trailers that amused me, and I hope will amuse you. Enjoy ;)

As you’ve heard, Andrea over at The Little red Reviewer is hosting Vintage Scifi Month and she asked me to do a guest post on something vintage and scifi-ish. I chose Brian Stableford, who has been writing SF longer than I have been alive. Make sure to stop by over there and check out that post along with all the other SF stuff going on this month at Andrea’s.

Carl over at Stainless Steel Droppings is hosting The Science Fiction Experience through the end of February. He already has a few interesting posts up, such as book reviews, one on SFF cover art, and another on SF technologies.

I follow Jacqueline Carey, writer of the Terre D’Ange books, on facebook and she threw up this link to this awesome article about how minorities of all walks have been living lives forever, even if they almost never get featured in mainstream fiction. The article is titles PSA: Your Default Narrative Settings Are Not Apolitical. If you are looking for an excellent article on gender bias, racial bias, or sexual-orientation bias in literature, this is an interesting piece.

You might also have heard that Anya of On Starships and Dragonwings and I over at Dab of Darkness are hosting The Eye of the World read along. If you decide to join us, you can check out the schedule over HERE. Additionally, we are hosting a giveaway of 1 Wheel of Time audiobook (except A Memory of Light as it is not available yet).

The following movie trailers caught my eye. I love going to the theater and some movies are just much more magnificent on the big screen because that is where the special effects have free range, and full sound system accompaniment.

After Earth starring Will Smith

I’m not usually a zombie person, but this trailer had me laughing out loud.

This one features alien sea life and mechanized warriors.

Jack takes on an internship, as a giant slayer!

Hansel and Gretel are all grown up and kick ass!

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6 thoughts on “SFF Links

  1. I’m almost embarassed by how much I want to see “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” – it looks like completely over-the-top cheesy fun. It won’t be high art, but who says it has to be. “Warm Bodies” looks like fun as well.

  2. Ah, links are always fun! Thanks for the mention of the ones on my site. I do appreciate it very much.

    Warm Bodies and Hansel and Gretel look like they could be highly entertaining and I hope they are. They don’t have to be outstanding, just have a half-way decent story, and I’ll be pleased. I also think Jack looks fun and plan to see that one. Not sure how I feel about Pacific Rim, but it is del Toro so I’ll most likely give it a go. And I plan to see the Wil Smith movie, and the Tom Cruise SF film, in the theater when they come out.

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