Wool Hipster


It’s not often that I know about anything before it’s cool. But I knew about Wool before you did, I bet. My hubs found a small link on reddit and passed it onto me. A cheap set of 5 books for the kindle about some neat sci-fi story that Ridley Scott is rumored to be interested in. I am very interested in Ridley Scott and his fantabulous sci-fi, so I tried the book I’d never heard of.

It was amazing. I devoured all five of these in like two weeks, mostly on a road trip with two young children (both under 4) and during the summer when aforementioned four year old and his one year old little brother were climbing all over everything including me. The story made me cry, for pete’s sake. Honestly, this story was every single thing I wanted from it and more. I feel like I Discovered Something Important, that this is only the beginning of someone’s very successful writing career and for once I was along for the ride.

I also blabbed about this book to anyone within ear shot! You have to read this. Now. No, NOW. Stop doing what you’re doing and and read it! I don’t care if your book/movie/project/game/class/job is ineresting read it right now you won’t be disappointed! This Howey guy is gonna be huge! I emailed poor Beth countless times and who knows how many annoying “zomg this book is teh bom” postcards I sent.

I am the only one I know that has read them, so far. I have one friend who is reading it now but just the one and last I heard she was only on book 2.
So now that he is being published by the massive and powerful Simon & Shuster, don’t be surprised when, later this year, after you tell me how awesome this book is, I go all hipster on you. I’ll smile knowingly and say, “Oh I read that last year, before it was mainstream.” and sip my coffee.
Cuz I did. And it’s amazing. I strongly recommend it. ;-) You won’t be disappointed.

8 thoughts on “Wool Hipster

  1. It is quite satisfying to be on the front end of a wave of popularity. I just read Wool this past December, not because of all the hype that I had heard but because we read the short story for our book club and I reluctantly, at the time, decided to support the story chooser that month and go ahead and read it. And I was lost. I wrote in my review how my book snobbishness had kept me from enjoying this much earlier. I went on to quickly devour the omnibus and am looking forward to taking the time to read the Shift books this year. So very happy for Howey’s success as this is one of the best books I have ever read. And I’m grateful to have had friends who would never pick up stuff like this read it and love it too, just because they trusted that if it rocked my world that much it might be something special.

    If you want to be entertained at how annoyingly shallow some people are go read some of the one-star reviews for the book on Amazon. Cracked me up. I look forward to snagging hard cover for my shelf when it comes out.

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