Foriegn Environments

If you have a pulse, and have been around for a few years, then you have probably found yourself in a foreign environment a time or two. Sometimes we volunteer for these experiences – like signing up for a belly dancing class at the local aquatics center…in winter. Other times, we are forced into these situations – like being asked to attend a meeting in proper business attire on the top floor of the Emerald Tower….and be the key presenter. In the SFF world, most of these unique experiences are stumbled upon and pleasantly enjoyed.

I’ve been reading SFF since I could pick up a book, and through all those thousands of pages, I have flown on dragons, run from robots, colonized planets, been lost in an underwater garden. I believe that what we spend our time doing affects the flexibility of our minds, and I believe that reading fiction, the stranger the better, the greater chance we have of adapting to odd circumstances we find ourselves in in day to day life.

I think all of us SFF nuts do this to some extent. Think about that highly analytical coworker (or perhaps that’s you?) that misses social norms and tends to stick to the facts and jokes make whooshing noises as they fly by over head. Yep, sometimes that’s me, and sometimes I compare that person to the highly analytical Spock and modify my human interaction parameters accordingly.

This past week, my foreign environment was the back of an ambulance. No drama occurred, so don’t worry. My man and I recently joined the local volunteer fire and response department, and we got our first run through on the ambulance lights, sirens, location of supplies, and how to work the gurney. This was my first time in an ambulance. Quite frankly. I expected some mild anxiety, because almost nothing good happens that requires an ambulance. Instead, it all made sense and felt quite natural.

So what odd places, scenically, publicly, grammatically ;), have you found yourself in? And what was your reaction?

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5 thoughts on “Foriegn Environments

  1. huh. I see what you mean.
    as far as reading goes, this is why I’ve always and almost exclusively ever been a reader of SFF. But as I get older, I find that I am less engaged with the more popular SFF and have to go further afield to find that foreign environment experience. I couldn’t read GRRM anymore, Robert Jordan bored me, etc. I’ve found myself reading more by authors who have a totally different world view from my own, who have experiences and cultures that I can *never* experience, because of my cultural background.

  2. The last literary environment I was in North West London. Very familiar. The last strange environment was in the dreamlands of Brian Lumley’s David Hero and Eldin the Wanderer. Very Lovecraftian… I love the works of Haruki Murakami who makes Tokyo seem like the surrealist place on earth with an ease I wish I could pull off with my own writing!

    Do video games count? If so, the farthest reaches of space, the inside of a giant talking dinosaur, on the back of a giant battling another giant, a sleepy Japanese village in the 80’s (plus a haunted one in the 2000’s), a floating castle descending from the moon…

    • Video games– that’s true! I just started the Mass Effect series. I’ve never been in a space ship before! ;) The new games with the phenominal texture rendering and 360 POV are really immersive. (I am old, and making the contrast to intellivision and other 8-bits)

      • You should try the Fallout series, especially New Vegas. All of those examples came from Japanese video games apart from the space one which was Mass Effect 2. I’m struggling to get the time to finish it… Actually, I’d rather write and watch films ;)

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