Glossy Reading, A Shift in Perspective

How many times has someone told you, “Oh I don’t like to read. I like magazines though. I don’t read books.”? This is enough to give bibliophiles like us cramps, and make smoke come out our ears.

I was out and about today and leafed through the In Style Spring 2013 magazine. It made me think of people who “only read magazines” and I chuckled, but then I noticed how heavy the magazine was, which is because it is over 546 pages long!

Check out the top right hand corner:


That is a serious novel, my friends. A lot of the pages are ads, but the people who love these mags look at all of those technicolor ads (I gravitate to the purses and watches). 500+ pages equals a lot of dedicated reading.

I understand that perspective now. An average magazine has, what, 100 pages? That’s more than most short stories. Some people like magazines, some people like novels. It’s all reading and that makes me happy. I might not usually read a magazine, but then I’m one of those people that will read anything with words on it, be it a cereal box, a novel, or a fashion magazine.

Happy reading!





4 thoughts on “Glossy Reading, A Shift in Perspective

  1. Heh! I dunno tho. There’s still quite an intellectual difference between 546 pages of House of Leaves or Grapes of Wrath vs In Style.

    I do get a lot out of my non-fashion magazines though. I like Archaeology and etc because they are short articles and not more than I can take in for a single cup of coffee. And I need to renew my subscription to National Geographic.

    • I love Nat Geo too, and Smithsonian is a treasure I’d hate to go without. I certainly should subscribe to Archaeology, too. But as you say, much different from a style magazine.

      Others are welcome to those, and as you say, Lotsofwatermellons, at least they are reading something, which could grow into something more. (further snobbish remark deleted.)

  2. well that’s true of course. House of Leaves or War and Peace are much heavier. Plus, the funny thing is, I can’t usually finish a “whole” magazine, lol. I just skim them. Mr Melon gets Bicyle magazines and those are really interesting. Maybe I should find a Paleo magazine. :-)

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