MystiCon 2013 Book Haul

This is a list of what I’m coming away with. Maybe some of these titles and authors will spark with any of you? I realized that many of these authors are women, so if you’re doing the Worlds Without End women writers challenge thingy, these might be of interest to you.

These were mostly purchased from Orielis’ Books.

Top Three Contenders:
1) when a 20+ year bookseller threatens me for not yet having read the Zenna Henderson she sold me last year, I’m gonna sit down immediately and begin reading the one that she has in stock. Yes, Zenna Henderson is a captivating writer. I’m already swept away in the couple’s grief and then entranced and mystified by the foundling discovered in the woods. Henderson has a very empathetic way of drawing in a reader.

2) YAH! The Clockwork Phoenix 4 ARC! Thanks, Mike!

3) James Maxey still has a few print copies of Nobody Gets the Girl, and now one of the few remaining print copies is mine, all mine! Muah-Ha-Ha-Ha! Signed to me and everything! This book, and its relationship to this blog, is an interesting and rather long one. New Darkcargoites: this novel and the accompanying soundtrack written and performed by Jonah Knight are highly recommended. Both are available electronically. I think there are three reviews for this one book on Darkcargo, so that should tell you how much we like it.


Two by Octavia Butler:Dawn (1987) and Mind of My Mind (1977). Her Kindred redefined my reading values and I would like to read more by her. nrlymrtl liked Dawn and the others in the series, with reviews here, and she wrote this really funny article here about exactly how bad the original covers were. This cover is much better, I suspect.

A beat up copy of one of my all time faves, Sword-Dancer by Jennifer Roberson. The latest novel in the series just came out. Roberson is one of those authors that defines my core by which I judge other authors. If you’re looking for strong, kick-ass (literally) no-fluff female characters, you might like this one. Roberson doesn’t muck about with her characters. She gives you grit and conflict. I love her fantasy novels.

After the Henderson, Roberson, and Butler went on the pile, the booksellers added Golden Witchbreed by Mary Gentle, along with a glower that suggested I’m up for an ass-whoopin’ if I don’t read this. It’s got maps, appendices, a glossary, aliens, spaceships and so I think I will not find it difficult to do my homework assignment.

I’ve been looking for anything by Samit Basu, and they had a copy of The Samoquin Prophecies. I haven’t read Basu yet, but Turbulance has been talked about by readers I respect.

The Last Legion of Earth by A. A. Attanasio I picked out all by myself. How could I pass up something where the back blurb starts “Seven billion years from now…”?

the signed copy of Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon is a surprise for Tonya, don’t tell her.

The booksellers also suggested that I try out The Liaden Universe series by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Through Wolf’s Eyes by Jane Linskold, and The Truthsayer’s Apprentice by Deborah Christian.

I got Hush by James Maxey. I like very much the first in the series, titled Greatshadow.

I also replenished my was-loaned-and-now-lost copy of Clockwork Phoenix 1.


8 thoughts on “MystiCon 2013 Book Haul

  1. YAY!!! You are the bestest of best friends EVER!!! Now that you have a copy Clockwork Phoenix 1 can I borrow it once you are over your glow of finally replacing the lost one if I swear on my new signed copy of Dark Side of the Moon that I will return it to you??? Pretty please! You’ve spoken/written so much about it that I have been contemplating adding it to the top of my TBR for a while now but have yet to find a copy here. I would be oh so careful with it and return it to you or you can tell on me to mom 😊 I’m even willing to bribe you if necessary……

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