Indie Comix Fair

Ever since Chuck Parker tuned me into comics, and especially indie Comics, I’ve been….well, more tuned into this stuff.

Turns out, Columbus is pretty huge on the indie comix scene. Huh. There are not just a few comic convention type events throughout the city every year, but several. The Columbus Museum of Art hosts a scholarship thingy for a guest comic artist to have a paid retreat at the local historic home of James Thurbur. Among others, Jeff Smith of Boneville is a local commodity.

I found this at my local coffee shop:
20130309-144554.jpg and so we high-tailed it up High Street to check this out.

Ah! Cool! About a dozen local comic artists camped out in a bar, exhibiting their talents. Neat! will be hosting SPACE 2013 in mid-April. This will be its 20-somethingth year. (!)

(No website) Canada Keck discovered she was a comic artist by accident. She is part of a collaborative guild-style effort for local artists to support one another.


Something…Zombies…something… I’ll take one. Asking for a friend.


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