King of Nebraska in 3-D

Remember this post a while back from David Belt about thinking of art in three dimensions? I have been pondering that since reading (and re-reading) his post, and I wanted to share a cool thing I experienced this weekend at RavenCon in relation to thinking about  a third dimension in art.

If you are new to DarkCargo, our Wednesday author is Jonah Knight, a singer/songwriter whose music is about ghosts and mad scientists and time machines. But Jonah is not just about writing songs. His music has a performance dimension to it that is both necessary and inspiring. He has a song, King of Nebraska, with which he has been trying to accomplish a unique event. I have been in attendance for several concerts where he delivered this different ending to the song and could see what he was trying to do.

It really worked this time.

King of Nebraska is the story of a jilted lover who has plans to take over the world by raising an army of clones.  Yes, you read that right.

The crowd was about 50 people in a fairly small room, and about half of the audience were signed members of the Jonah Knight Fan Club, therefore, like me, having seen this before and prepared to accomplish this third dimension.

At the end of the song, we are all singing along to the chorus, Jonah raises his arms and stops singing, allowing this audience-choir to sing praises to the newly crowned King of Nebraska.


How is this three dimensions?

When he finishes the song this way, some transformations take place.

The singer/performer transforms into the character in the story. The audience has become his army of clones, and now the song is performed as a collaborative effort. He is not giving us a song any longer (2-D): we are the song (3-D). Way cool!

Besides which, the acoustics in the little room was rolling and full.

Totally! It was a sculpture made of sound. It was really exciting and it amazed me how well it worked.

I didn’t video that one, but here is a video of The Dead Crawl From the Earth Alive! Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “King of Nebraska in 3-D

    • If I am correct, you were in the vendor room chatting with tonya. I do wish I’d had half a brain and made the offer to watch your table while you caught a concert.

  1. Are you saying that you would have rather been talking to me than watching Jonah? 😃 *swoon* But I think I would rather be watching Jonah perform than talking to me so thanks to you both for thinking so highly of me 😝

    • If I really wanted to make you swoon, I’d say I get listen to Jonah all the time, but I don’t know when I’d get the chance to talk to you again.
      The truth is I’d rather we both went to see Jonah, but since I was stuck in the Dealer’s Room, at least I had good company. Did you get a chance to see him perform?

      • I did get to watch him perform. It was even better than the video clips Beth posts!! Jonah really knows how to draw you into his song…rather his world. It is a wonderful tallent you have Jonah and it was a pleasure watching you perform!

      • Yeah, having that space available (and accessible! –kudos to RavenCon!) really worked out. And the whole lobby area was big enough that we didn’t take over the whole area and thereby not allow others to have a meeting place. MystiCon was pretty bad in that way, there was no public communal place to meet up.

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