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The terrific librarian here in my tiny town is interested in supporting top-notch SF/F reading, but hasn’t read a lot of it herself. So she has asked me to suggest some authors and titles for her shelves.

I am preparing a list of my favorites, including authors we’ve discussed on the blog, but I don’t know much about books for children and young adults and haven’t actually seen much mention of them here.Book Fiesta 1

The first name I gave her was Ursula LeGuin, for her Earthsea series. And there’re the Narnia and Wrinkle in Time books. But with all the writing going on out there these days, I am sure there are great ones that I have never heard of.

Any good, sense-of-wonder, mind-expanding reads you can suggest for the younger set would be most appreciated!

P.S. In searching for images for this post I came across the following tidbit: seems a West Virginia legislator has proposed a bill requiring schools to add science fiction to their reading lists. He recommends adding grade-appropriate SF into the classroom … to stimulate interest in math and science among students in the public schools…. Bet it would help in a lot of other ways too!

About Paula S. Jordan

Paula S. Jordan is an Analog writer, former orbit analyst, and a blogger, with a an alien contact novel in third draft. It’s all her dad’s fault: giving her that science fiction book at seven years old!

11 thoughts on “Give My Librarian a Hand

  1. What sort of age are you looking at? I’m not big on Sci-Fi – but would recommend Hitchhikers Guide. In terms of fantasy the Pullman series is excellent for YA – or adults. I thought all three were excellent and my dad loves them as well. Obviously The Hobbit, also Michael Grant’s series has been quite entertaining, starts with Gone, can’t remember the sequence, Lies, Hunger, Plague, etc. I also liked Carrie Ryan’s series that started with The Forest of Hands and Teeth – but that’s a sort of zombie book. The Hunger Games was a good series – dystopian. Plus, what about Valente’s Girl who circumnavigated fairyland?
    Difficult to say too many more without knowing the age range. – Oh, Never ending story and the once and future king.
    Lynn :D

    • Hi, Lynn

      Thanks for your comments!

      The library caters to every age: an extensive children’s section with a summer reading program for lower grades and younger, middle schoolers, and a set-aside corner for teen books and projects. The library is also very good about providing books and other teaching materials for home-schooling parents and kids.

      I’ll note your suggestions here and also appreciate any others you’d like to suggest. Thank you!

  2. Yay for Scifi and fantasy! I would say that an amazing, though eye opening read, would be Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card. I haven’t read the rest of those series yet, but those two were fantastic!

    In terms of a fantastic fantasy for all ages I would go with Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven series. Fan-friggin-tastic stuff. The first few pages are a little slow, but it picks up fast and doesn’t let up until after the close of the 5th book.

  3. Also, Sabriel and that series by Garth Nix: a young girl who has to take over her father’s job of watching over the dead;

    anything and everything by Tamora Pierce, especially Song of the Lioness, in which brother and sister switch roles, the brother joins a convent to learn magic and the sister becomes a knight;

    Brian Jaques, his major series starting with Redwall.

  4. You guys are each and every one the greatest! (Makes no sense I know. But true all the same!)

    I have told the librarian what’s coming, and she’s delighted. Says thanks to you all.
    As do I.

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