Star Trek: Into Darkness

you must watch Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan before seeing the new movie.

We got to see this movie early thanks to free tickets acquired by the Columbus Area Boardgame Society (CABS).

I loved it, there’s a lot to discuss.

Not necessarily spoilers:
The engine room was filmed at the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

You must watch Wrath of Khan before seeking this movie. Did I mention that?

I (heart) Kirk Spock Checkov Bones McCoy.

Also, short skirts are a bad design choice in fluctuating-gravity environments. It irritated me.

5 thoughts on “Star Trek: Into Darkness

  1. We’re planning to see it this weekend. Really looking forward to it. And we get to see the insides of Livermore.

    Were there men in kilts in fluctuating gravity environment? That would be a nice bonus.

  2. I vote for the men to wear Kilts!!!

    Memorial Day weekend I’ll be with my parents, it’s kinda a “thing” for me and my Dad to see Star Trek movies together. Daddy daughter date!!

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