Fringe Fiction!

I went to Narnes & Boble this week to find a particular magazine for a particular crochet pattern by a particular designer*, and along the way my boys and I found all kinds of wonders in that store, as usual. Older Son found a cool maze toy that changes mazes with a flick of a tab (no batteries required!) and I found not only my magazine, but a new summer book!

I love the show Fringe. For those of you who haven’t seen it, please go watch it. Netflix and other on demand companies have it available, all except the last season which should be out soon. It is the best show we have seen in years. It’s smart, scientific, funny, and the plot is amazing. Need more convincing? J.J. Abrams had a major and in it. So, there I go being a hipster. We knew JJ was awesome before he made Star Trek movies.

SO go watch it! You’ll love it! The downside is that it has finished its course. No more new episodes for us. Then I saw this on the shelf and N&B:


What?? Fringe fiction? I practically jumped up and down and may have spoken to a stranger walking past about how excited I was. This one came out this very month, and a new one comes out in late summer. Oh, yes please! So I dropped all my TBR stuff and other books scattered around and now I carry Bell and Walter with me everywhere. It is about the two of them, plus Nina Sharp, in 1969 as they track down the Zodiac Killer.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better summer book at a more appropriate time. It’s been so busy with life stuff, that a nice new author and a nice comfortable familiar world are just what I needed.

What are your current summer reads? Has anything jumped off the shelf at you lately?



P.S. Last summer I read Jaws. It was awesome. We watched the movie after I finished and it just made it even more awesome. I highly recommend it.


*If you’re interested or curious, the magazine is Crochet Today July/August 2013 for Juicy Top by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby. His patterns are fantastic. I mean, I ran out to buy a $7 magazine for a crocheted summer top. For srs. I’ve never wanted to crochet a top before. But oh how cute is this?


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