Origins: Table Top Miniatures

This is a photo survey for you guys. Warning! These photos are really large because I wanted to show you the detail.

I decided to go forth and look things new to me while at Origins. One of those was the miniatures.

For scale, these tables are about 4′ by 8′. The level of detail in these models just blew my mind. Not just the careful painting, but the innovative re-use of common materials to achieve a texture, or a scaled down giant …thing. Like using cardboard egg cartons for cargo pods on a space ship, for example. The life-like representation of the models is very important to these miniaturists, and the result is stunning.

I was brave and asked a guy about the games. He made the set in the jungle scene, below, plus about three others that he was setting up.

Q: huh?

Each set up is a whole imaginative story-world, or a re-enactment of a battle. The basic premise of all of these games is a story with an unresolved plot. Each player takes on a pre-generated character and performs actions within that character’s personality and role within the story in order to drive the story. The figurines are moved around the board as the actions take place. The players have to work together or against one another to achieve the goal. One player is Director of Events (Game Master) and is the leader, making decisions and directing the story and the game.

Q: How much time does it take to do this?

The simplest figurines take about 10 to 15 minutes to paint. More complicated figurines can take over an hour. He surveys the table as he is telling me this, and then looks at me again, saying “There’s a lot of hours here. I listen to music or books while painting.”

Q: How long does it take to play?

About three hours for a noob game. Others can take days. This isn’t something you prepare and cart around and set up for a quick game. Yes, you can play a game if you are totally new to gaming. Just ask which might be the best one for you to cut your teeth on. It will depend on your interest, time availability, and the tolerance of the game master and other players for a new player, but most gamers want more gamers to game so don’t be afraid to ask.


  • Boats:
  • “Tailgate This!”:
  • I lost track. But here’s a great intro to tabletop gaming from one of the vendors of one of these games.
  • I couldn’t find the Gold Digger Jones link but found what I think is the original sculptor of the pieces. Whether or not this is a match, this person does mini-dinos, so that’s a win for me.
  • Here is exactly how small this world of gaming and SF fandom is. I found this link while looking for information on the Gold Digger Jones game. This is the Star Wars table top miniature in process of being built!

This table is about 3′ foot by 10′. These boats are incredible.


heh-heh! Some kind of mech-warrior game with an industrial, post-apocalyptic feel.


A pastoral setting.You can see the character sheets along the opposite side of the table.

This one was the winner of the Judgy Noob Award. “Darkest Africa: Gold Digger Jones and the Lost City”. Hot air balloons? Cool!



The table was full of these kinds of details, such as the pseudo-Egyptian temple entrance shown here.

“Star Wars: X-Wing Episode IV, or Trench Runs are for Noobs.”


4 thoughts on “Origins: Table Top Miniatures

  1. Okay, what exactly is a ‘noob’ (you see over here in the UK that’s when some ‘young’ person is saying ‘nob’ in an exaggerated or, more to the point, drawn out way so that you will be unaware they’re insulting you! (Sorry if I just lowered the tone right there – curiosity and all that)
    Lynn :D

    • Short for “newbie”. Funnily enough we had Louise with us who is from the UK, and she let us know when we were saying things that were very amusing in Brit-speak, such as “khaki pants”

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