Children’s SF

Recently, I co-wrote a short sf story with my son. This week we officially submitted it to a quirky, space themed anthology. If it is accepted, my son will have his first professional writing credit at age 5. Think on that for a second.

Congruently, we have been doing a summer reading program through the library with the goal of reading for 600 minutes. Adding to that, we’ve been going through the Mensa reading list for grades K-3. We’ve been reading a lot and although we have found fairy tales, dragons, and even some space stories, the experience reminded me of an observation I made three years ago: there is virtually no kids merch at SF conventions.

When I go to a con, I always walk through the dealer room looking for a little something for my boy. From over 20 conventions I have found 1) a dinosaur on a stick, 2) used Dragonball Z figures, 3) a pirate eye patch and, 4) wearable horns. That’s it! Yes, there are plush dragons and geeky t-shirts and funny hats, but he doesn’t care about that stuff.

So, I will wait to hear about the story submission. Following that, we will begin to adapt the story into a fully illustrated children’s book. We will probably do a kickstarter to pay for the print run and the art. Once the book is done, I will work to bring my son to conventions as an author guest (mostly to amuse me and annoy serious writers). More importantly, I will have a legitimate, high quality product for kids at cons.

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Jonah writes, records, and performs songs about ghosts, monsters, steampunk, and creepy Christmas tunes. Is that geek music? Nerd music? Filk? Who knows. Find more at He also co-hosts (with Mikey Mason) the Pros and Cons podcast. A Parsec Finalist, the show is about geek music and convention culture.

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