Reading Room

A subset of the circle

A subset of the circle

Copyright 2013 by Paula S. Jordan

I would like fo say a word about the pleasures of reading in the company of friends. Particularly long-term friends who are life-long, ardent readers.

I’ve been at the beach this week with a dozen such friends. And while I would not call us a quiet group, there have come times during the days here when I have noticed deep, comfortable silences, and have looked up from my own reading to find a large percentage of us sitting (or sprawled) at ease on the cushy circle of sofas and chairs, intent on some form of book.

Others have also commented on the silences. A word or two about the stillness. And the company. Then we return to our books until the lures of the beach or the hot tub or the luscious meals (we also tend to be foodies) draw us away.

Then it’s back to the books … everything from Jane Yolan’s “Sister Light, Sister Dark,” to Josephine Tey’s “Daughter of Time,” to Laurel Saville’s “Henry and Rachel,” to an Elizabeth Peters archaeological mystery … until something else lures us (temporarily) away.

This week is ending far too soon.

Photo credit: Rose Simon

About Paula S. Jordan

Paula S. Jordan is an Analog writer, former orbit analyst, and a blogger, with a an alien contact novel in third draft. It’s all her dad’s fault: giving her that science fiction book at seven years old!

8 thoughts on “Reading Room

  1. i love it when my husband and i are sitting on sofas, and we’re both reading. it’s super peaceful, and i like knowing he is close by (I am SUCH a co-dependent puppy, it’s not even funny).

    i also like being at the library reading, around a bunch of other people . . . who are reading.

  2. I love this picture! I admit my husband doesn’t read a lot but he does like games so whilst he’s gaming I’m reading and we spend many enjoyable hours both doing our own thing in each others company. It’s quite blissful really!
    Lynn :D

    • This is how the evenings are spent in our house too. My books are often read to a background chorus of fake machine gun noise.

      Can you read during the dialogue scenes in the game? I have to ask him to turn it down sometimes.

      • it depends – sometimes I find myself getting drawn more into the game than the book! And giving helpful hints like ‘he’s behind you!!’ You can’t help getting involved with some games can you?
        Lynn :D

        • I find that outside words of any kind — including conversations and even song lyrics (if they’re in English) — tend to block my own words when I’m writing. Maybe we just can’t process more than so many trains of thought at the same time.

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