Halloween Book Giveaway 2013

In our new neighborhood, we didn’t know what to expect from Trick-Or-Treat.

Our neighborhood is beautifully diverse: mixed and same gender couples, ditto for race/culture, children, college students, retired, half-million dollar homes next to HUD (subsidized) housing. So encountering this delicious mix of peoples over the last year…we just prepared and hoped for a few Trick-Or-Treaters.

Plus it was raining.

Here, they begin their drizzly, tricky treaty trek with the neighbors: 20131102-231603.jpg

We started with over 80 books that I had been collecting from the thrift store and library sales:


I selected chapter books, picture books, bug ID guides, big nature photo coffee table books, YA hardbacks with the stylin’ covers; I tried to select a wide variety of topics, not just fiction.

it was wild The tykes totally wiped us out! They loved it. They wanted more than one (“of course!”), they were happy to take suggestions when undecided, and many times they even forgot about the candy.


Me=total sucker. I even went into the house to gather more off the shelves.

Sigh! Maybe that young man really will like the first edition hardback of Green Rider…maybe.

Heh! Giving away books for trick-or-treat was a monstrous and fun success.

Here’s what’s left:


We closed up shop early when both the candy and books ran out. Next year, 200 books?

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