Dragons in Cleveland

Here’s a book I’m currently enjoying.

Dragons of the Cuyahoga, S. Andrew Swann
Cover art by Luis Royo, who does many of Julie Czerneda’s book covers. Out of print, DAW 2001, available in ebook.

I enjoyed Forests of the Night by S. Andrew Swann and when looking up other books by this Ohio author, happily discovered that he’s written a series of urban fantasies set in Cleveland.


He writes his books with a flair of adventure and intrigue, but the characters are grounded and believable.

In this one, we follow a newspaper journalist on the hunt for more information about a suspicious dragon death-by-falling-out-of-the-sky.

Once we get through the first action sequence, Swann takes us through the set-up for his universe, not leaving us lost or frustrated. The journalist explains to us how the portal over the Cleveland Browns stadium came to be, why it’s important and why it’s important to this investigation he’s working.

There’s political depth, intrigue and back dealing, prophecy via Shakespeare, and mysterious messages hinting at a bigger story.

And after the second time he’s kidnapped, the action really picks up.

Did I mention the dragons in downtown Cleveland?

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11 thoughts on “Dragons in Cleveland

  1. Oh, Dragons is a fun one. Be sure to check out the other book in the series, “Dwarves of Whisky Island”. I found an omnibus paperback edition of both a few years back.

  2. I’ve read some of Swann’s science fiction, it’s sort of action adventure/lite space opera-y type stuff. He’s a fun author, I had no idea he writes urban fantasy too! too fun!

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