Library Restrictions

At Books, Beers and Fonts, I’m putting up photos of antique, mostly Victorian, fonts.

I thought you modern library users might get a kick out of this list of rules, in the photo below.

This is a plate from one of the fragile books I work with. It used to be part of the collection of the state library, for use by the state legislature.

It was located at Case 144, shelf 7.

These plates are circa 1900.

I especially like the last restriction, about copying with a pencil.


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7 thoughts on “Library Restrictions

  1. I remember the pencil-only rule from other libraries too. Something to do with preventing accidental ink marks in books, I think, most likely dating from messier pen-and-ink or cartridge pen days.

    I’m impressed with the beautifully written numerals too. So uniform and elegant. They could almost be another font.

    • Isn’t that copperplate (or whatever) gorgeous? We’ve got several in the collection that are actually hand written, I mean, the books themselves are hand written. They’re logbooks, maybe, or compilations of notes or some similar concept. Those are stunning.

      • Thank you, Beth. The fonts are so neat! Too bad none are available as digital fonts.

        What a world it must have been, where artists and printers were allowed the time to make such beautiful letters, by what must have been a slow, laborious effort without the time-saving technologies we have today.

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