Book Pusher.


So, a fellow comes up to the circ desk and puts his finger on Dragons of the Cuyahoga and exclaims: “Where do I find books like that?

Uh. Like what? Like mass market paperback? Like beautiful art dragons on the cover? Like my own personal collection of books?

Hum. This is an academic library, this particular book is visibly different from every other book in the building… I’m guessing fiction.

“Are you looking for fiction?”

“Yah. Is there any in this library.”

“Some. This is an academic library. What are you looking to read?”

“Do you have any real famous like Stephen King?”

So. We march up to the third floor, find The Stand and The Dark Half by Stephen King. He’s mildly appeased with this check-out process, but the bomb was when I reached into my secret drawer of fiction contraband and slap Wolf Star by R. M. Meluchon the stack, telling him to bring that back to me when he’s done.

“For real? I can borrow this?”

“Yes, it belongs to me so bring it back when you’re done.”

His girlfriend found him nose deep in Wolf Star when she met up with him.

I hope he returns it. I haven’t read it yet. ;)

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3 thoughts on “Book Pusher.

  1. You’re amazing. What a lovely thing to do – if that makes you a book pusher then you’re definitely one and it’s a good thing too! Actually, I was going to ask you a bit of a favour – you remember you said you sometimes get books in end of bin type sales – if you see Blood Song by Anthony Ryan I’ve been looking for a copy. Although I suppose I could just order from Amazon. Well anyway!
    Also, my friend is also a ‘book pusher’ every time I meet her she gives me a stack of books! And I’m like ‘how many books do you think I can read in one year!’
    Book pushers are the new must!
    Lynn :D

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