Obstacles or maybe Geekitude

One of my obstacles is that I just get overwhelmed by the magnitude of work that Carla Speed McNeil put into this.

This was all hand-inked!

She self published these for fifteen years until finally Dark Horse picked them up and consolidated them into a few door-stopper sized volumes.

Fifteen years is a long time to believe that your story is worth telling, eh?

I imagine her, alone in her tiny apartment, drawing these columns, wondering if anyone is ever going to read this crazy story.


Am I in a frame of mind with my life right now to appreciate this work?


She even puts a halo around the moon.

Does she ink in the entire night sky or at some point switch over to a black paper and use white ink for the heavenly bodies?

On to page three….

(And you people wonder why I can’t lee up with read-a-longs…)

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2 thoughts on “Obstacles or maybe Geekitude

  1. The complete appreciation of inspired, lovingly crafted art and literature means mining the depths as well as surveying the broad vistas of the visible topography. It is well worth the time it takes. But, as you’ve noted, it does limit the number of such works that we can give ourselves to so completely.

    Is Ms McNeil still living? If so, I know she would love to know of your appreciation of her work.

    Are there words in this story? Or does she tell it solely through her art?

    Thank you for sharing this art and your insights into the artist’s life.

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