Infinite Inspiration in Infinite Perspectives

By David Belt Copyright 2013

The world in which we live is an unfathomably complex myriad of chemicals, raging in chaos, while hopelessly trying to find equilibrium.  Without leaving the confines of our own atmosphere we have the availability to observe an infinite variety of events.  Couple that with the more than six billion human beings on the planet and the concept of environmentally varied viewpoints, and you have infinite opportunities for inspiration from an infinite number of perspectives.

A little too high brow for you, or maybe you think I’m just spouting nonsense.

Try this: Reread a book you have previously enjoyed.

I guarantee you will notice new elements you did not notice before.

How can that be if the book didn’t change?

What changed was your perspective between the two readings, and that difference in perspective allows for new inspirations.  We are constantly being affected by the world around us, and those effects alter the manner in which we perceive the world.  Among the greatest of these effects is that which we perceive as art.  I have said before in my article, Art in Three Dimensions, that art is any medium which affects us on an emotional level, thus changing our perspective of the world.  Art imitates life because it affects us in the same emotional ways that life does.  We take those effects and draw new inspirations enriching our own lives.  We then perpetuate the effect by sharing those inspirations with others.

The result: Infinite Inspiration in Infinite Perspectives.

As many of you know, I am an active duty US Navy Sailor.  My active duty has currently carried me to the USS Carney (DDG 64), half a world away in the Persian Gulf.  One of the greatest rewards of my job is the opportunity for inspiration from perspectives I would never be able to experience, otherwise.  History is repute with artisans inspired by perspectives received during service.  J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the framework for what was to become Middle Earth while serving as an officer in the British Army during World War I.  Johnny Cash wrote some of his most famous songs while serving in US Air Force in Germany.  But this article isn’t about the opportunities of service.  It’s about seizing the opportunities available to each of us, drawing inspiration from our own unique perspectives, and sharing those inspirations with the world.

Over the next the six months or so, while I travel in my duties, I will share with you those unique perspectives which inspire me.  For example:

On my way here, I caught a glimpse of the moon.  It was the same moon I have looked upon all my life, but I had never seen it full, from 30,000 feet, on clear night, while flying over Egypt.  The moon was so bright in contrast to the starless night that it looked to me like the sun, set against a black sky.

(Grainy picture and double image are due to the movement of the plane and double paned safety glass.  It looked much better in life.)New Picture

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