Anonymous Rex

They’re dinosaurs dressed up in human suits! Really! Too goofy to be taken seriously?


Eric Garcia pulls it off with sophistication and panache. If he weren’t actually such a suave writer, this would have been a really boring flop.

Kat sent me about eighty postcards detailing her reading of Eric Garcia’s Anonymous Rex, Casual Rex, and Hot and Sweaty Rex. I finally broke down at postcard #81 and got a copy of the first in the series through OhioLINK.

Honestly, I didn’t expect to like this. I thought the same thing you did. “Really? This has got to be corny.”

Turns out, the dinos never went completely extinct. They just went undercover (this is the part where you science peeps suspend your disbelief and enter the carnival ride through the Black Box). There is an entire sub culture of dinos dressed up in human suits (belief…suspend it!), guided by a governing council and an acute sense of smell.

The mechanisms are not explained: pish posh to your ecology and evolution inquiries; conservation of mass? Meh. But that’s not the purpose here. Garcia’s goal is to entertain and he does so masterfully with thoughtful, believable characters that we care about and a mystery story that …well, ok. The mystery involves monsters.

Detecting dinos in human suits and monsters. That should be enough.

If you’re looking for an entertaining but not brainless, humorous but not dippy (someone dies) read, I can very handily recommend Anonymous Rex by Eric Garcia.

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