Darkover Alternate Covers

Aw look at this! Kat mailed a box of DAW yellow spines to me. Two of them are both titled The Shattered Chain by Marion Zimmer Bradley, in her Darkover series.

Both were published in April 1976, and both have the same contents in the text including back page ads.

However, one is number UW1229, DAW collector #191 (that’s the bloody carnivorous alien chicken one) and the other is UE1840 (that’s the *ahem* “sword” cover).

A later Darkover novel, Thendara House, 1983, lists the UE1840 version in its end pages.

I’m calling “alternate cover” on this one.


5 thoughts on “Darkover Alternate Covers

  1. “the *ahem* “sword” cover”
    nice sword. ;)

    took me a few minutes to figure out that the first one had a big screaming chicken on it. at first, all i saw was a woman’s very well endowed torso in a gold bustier. cleavage and no legs. thematically, what i thought i saw goes pretty well with the “sword”.

    • I have no idea! But I plan on reading to find out. ;)

      It amuses me to think that someone actually painted these (and others in this vein) with sincerity and panache. You know, in a studio with oils and on a canvas. They’re beautifully done, gorgeous artwork, technically perfect… Of a bloody monster chicken.

  2. Yeah, pretty sure the dude in the sword one isn’t wearing any undergarments. If I were a dude, I wouldn’t want my dick out in a sword fight. Seems like way too much vulnerability.

    The giant chicken vulture think is creepy, but oddly endearing.

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